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Academic and Business Experience

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Gold Medal – College of Commerce

Awarded the Gold Medal in Diploma in Business Studies in Irelands toughest Accountancy Course – College of Commerce Rathmines.

Highest Marks – Chartered Accountancy Exam

Achieved the Highest Marks in the Republic of Ireland in the PEI Exam of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

First Place in Taxation Exam

First Place in the Taxation Exam of the Diploma of Business Studies – College of Commerce Rathmines.

Tax Planning in Ireland – Business Degree Thesis

The submission of the above Thesis for Trinity College Degree was financially supported by Guinness Ireland Limited.

Business Degree – Trinity College Dublin

Awarded a Batchelor of Science in Management Degree from Trinity College Dublin.

Degree – Two Qualifications in One Year

During Degree Year also studied for a Second Qualification and was successful in the penultimate Professional Accountancy Exam while also attending College and studying for his Degree. A rare feat in the Accounting World.

Fastest Graduate to Qualify – Within 6 Weeks

David sat and was successful in the Final Professional Accountancy Exam 6 weeks after leaving college.

Business Experience

Big 4 International Accountancy Practice

Audit Senior – Senior Financial Consultant.

Irish Shipping PLC – Assignment – Govt Shipping Co.

Rescue Spreadsheets (Only developed) to calculate the results of various Negotiation Proposals with Far East Shipping Companies.

Irish Oil & Cake Mills PLC – Assignment – Public Company

Plc Company had speculated on Soya Bean Oil trading – lost 10 times what it could afford – Called in Financial Experts 3 Days before its Financial Year End Trading Oil Contracts to be specifically Collated – Negotiation of 10% Settlement in the Pound – Oil Traders in Amsterdam – Company made 10% Profit from a €5 Million Loss.

Financial Controller – Large Printing Company

Negotiation of First National Lottery Scratch Card Contract Largest Print Contract in Ireland – First Overseas Lottery Contract Achieved by Joint USA  Partners.

Bank of Iran – Agent in Ireland – Trade Finance

Appointed Agent in Ireland for Bank to develop market presence.

Speciality – Trade Finance – which was largely not provided by Irish Pillar Banks at that time.

Negotiated Facilities with a number of Irish SME and structured necessary paperwork to the satisfaction of the Bank Head Office.

Introduced Bank to the Embassy of Iran in Ireland – No Iran- UK Embassy Publication of many Magazine Articles on International Trade Finance.

Butlers Engineering – Largest EU Steel Fabricator

Steel Fabrications and Erections included – Nissan Factory Sunderland – Coca Cola Factory Drogheda – Hampden Park Stadium – Stadium of Light Football Ground – Croke Park – Square Shopping Centre – Dept of Defence Building- OMAN.

David Murray called in by Principal – 3 Weeks prior to New Facility due to be Opened after Government Grants sanctioned at Government Ministerial Cabinet as Grants too large and outside Enterprise Ireland Board Limits.

Prepared Rescue Business Plan – Return of C2 Certificate after direct negotiation with Collector General himself – whom accepted David Murray bona fides with the VAT and PAYE to be brought in personally by David Murray during the period of preparation and negotiation of Rescue Plan.

Late Late Show – Worlds Most Continuous Talk Show – 58 Years

Late Late Show tested the Claims and Abilities of David Murray – they provided two cases to see what could be achieved – Late Late Researcher was staggered with the Spectacular Results achieved – Late Late Show Performance Tested.

David Murray as the Honest Broker interviewed by Gay Byrne from the Audience on the Late Late Enterprise Show.

Late Late Show wished to offer David Murray & Co Prize for 1 Year to one of the category winners on the Late Late Enterprise Show.

Finance for Builders – Staff Seminar – PLC Bank Boardroom – for Junior Management

Due to our reputation of providing First Class easy to understand Business Plans and Monitoring Reports – we were asked to give our Seminar on Finance for Builders to Junior Management to this Plc Bank – leading Property Bank in Ireland at that time.

David Murray & Co. – 30 Years Advising SME’s

We have acted as Financial Consultants and advised many large and small SME throughout our 30 Year History including, inter alia:

  • Lifting Equipment Company – Market Segment Leader in Ireland.
  • Property Developer – Many Projects including €250 M – Town Centre.
  • Niche Telecom Company– Started in Back Bedroom – €Millions Profit.
  • Construction Equipment Company – Largest in their Equipment Market.

Publications & Media


We have written many Magazine Articles on International Trade Finance, Property and Business Advices and included amongst same are, inter alia:

  • Projecting Capital from the Start – Irish Exporter.
  • Limit the Damage – Sunday Business Post.
  • Bridging the Finance Gap – Finance Magazine.
  • Top Tax Saving Tips – Sunday Business Post.
  • Banking on Beef – Aspect Magazine.
  • Separating the Stock from Co – Finance Magazine.
  • Property of the Month – Irish Buyer Magazine.

Any of the above Publications can be downloaded in our Media Section on this Website.


We have made contributions to Media and TV Programmes as follows:

  • Late Late Show – Performance Tested with 2 Cases.
  • Questions & Answers – Banking Challenge.
  • Front Line – Chartered Accountants – Going Concern.
  • Late Late Show – Category Class Win – David Murray Prize for 1 Year.